Additive Manufacturing theme square

From 3D printing to additive manufacturing production
3D printing has developed from a solution for rapid prototyping to a technology for the production of end products. One off’s, complex and lightweight components that you cannot make other than with AM. But more and more machine parts are also being 3D printed, on-demand, in the quantities needed this week. Avoid long supply chains, delivery times and expensive inventories; eliminate ‘dead’ hours when individual components wait for assembly, while they are printed as one whole with additive manufacturing.

On the square you will discover the solutions for AM production. From entry-level 3D metal printers to the most advanced systems, both for small parts and for aerospace components more than 1,000 mm high.

Also discover how additive manufacturing can be embedded in the production process and how software can bring the repeatability of the technology to the level required by an industrial production environment. You will learn how to remove the risk of human error from the process with smart software and you will find knowledge institutions that help SME manufacturing companies discover the opportunities of AM and integrate the technology into their existing production processes.

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